The CopterSonde 1.X is an Octocopter with a top speed of 60 mph horizontal and 40 mph vertical.  It carries 8 sensors 4 temp 4 humidity.

CopterSonde 2.1

CopterSonde 2.1 is a quad-rotor vehicle developed at the University of Oklahoma within the Center for Autonomous Sensing and Sampling (CASS). with the intention of sampling the thermodynamic (pressure, temperature, and humidity) and kinematic (wind speed and direction) state of the lower atmosphere (surface up to 2,000 m). Using on-board differential GPS package, the position of the vehicle is known to an accuracy of a few centimeters during flight. Thermodynamic sensors are aspirated using the downwash from the copter’s propellers.

CopterSonde 2.2

CopterSonde 2.2 is a variant of CopterSonde 2.1. Using slightly rearranged flight hardware it utilizes a ducted fan to draw in air to aspirate the thermodynamic sensors. The CASS team is exploring the effect of sensor placement on data quality. Because of the ducted fan, the exterior shell has a different aerodynamic design than that of CopterSonde 2.1.

CopterSonde 3.1 

Coming Soon


Tuff Wing

The University of Oklahoma operates two fixed-wing aircraft based on the Tuffwing Data Mapper. Each is running ArduPilot for autonomous flight. Moreover, both measure the wind speed and direction during flight. One of the Tuffwing aircraft carries a MicaSense Rededge-M multi-spectral camera or a Sony camera. The camera are for terrain mapping . The other Tuffwing is outfitted with two sensors for measuring CO2 (Senseair K30-FR) during flight. Values of CO2 aloft are compared against values recorded on a LI-COR 840A. The camera and CO2 monitoring equipment can be replaced with temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors to facilitate thermodynamic sampling.

Skywalker X8