CASS Research Station at KAEFS

The Kessler Atmospheric and Ecological Field Station (KAEFS) is a 360 acre environmental research facility located 28 km southwest of the OU Research Campus in Norman. Here, CASS has established a field research laboratory on the northeast corner of the property in close proximity to the Washington (WASH) station of the Oklahoma Mesonet. This provides an amazing resource to calibrate and validate our measurement systems out in the field and along with an excellent historical record of climatological patterns at KAEFS.

Our mobile workshop is a 25′ covered cargo trailer with a loading ramp. The main area of the trailer houses a small workstation with hand tools, soldering equipment, and other consumables needed to make small repairs and troubleshoot platforms in the field. The front partition hosts a variety of computing resources including a UAS ground station, radiosonde ground station, and screens for displaying the outputs of the GeoFence Radar. We have a large north-south runway strip mowed into the grass

In addition to the workshop, CASS has also erected a 10 m tower in collaboration with other members of the Boundary Layer Integrated Sensing and Simulation (BLISS) team at OU. Currently it is outfitted with a Lufft WS500 smart weather sensor, four Campbell Scientific CSAT3 sonic anemometers, and a Li-COR 840A measuring carbon dioxide at four levels. This mast is also located near two KAEFS-owned flux towers and, starting in March 2019, an Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality surface ozone monitoring station.

Recently, a Geo-Fence radar system developed by the Advanced Radar Research Center has been installed to alert our teams to aircraft encroaching into our operations area. Testing being completed in conjunction with the OU Department of Aviation Studies is ongoing to characterize how the radar sees aircraft flying past.

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